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Immersive theatre is one of the most popular forms of live performance in the country. An art form that breaks the fourth wall and transforms audiences into active participants within the story.

With dozens of immersive productions running across the UK there is now a wide range of employment opportunities for performers in this exciting arm of the industry.

The Immersive Ensemble formed from a collection of creatives, performers and published playwrights with experience in putting together some of the most popular immersive shows in recent years, is pleased to present our performance workshops for actors who wish to hone their immersive skills.

These practical one-day workshops for professional performers take actors through the fundamental principles of immersive performance; audience interaction, character building, content creation and working within a chosen narrative.

Our aim is to provide actors with the tools they need to thrive in the world of immersive theatre.


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For more information and to book a place please attach a CV or a Spotlight link on the application button below.